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  • An easy and reliable file backup and file synchronization software.

    Whats new in version

    • GSTP Server: improve impersonation for Receiver and Direct connection.
    • On File Change: make file monitoring work in Encrypted file system.
    • Fix if GS is exited right after start, it may not stop right away due to log cleanup.
    • Explorer: Show both encrypted and decrypted versions of connectoids for encrypted side.
    • Explorer: fix error processing, fix overwrite dialogs not shown.
    • Explorer: do not ask user confirmation for Copy and Move, ask it only for Delete.
    • If file system long-disconnects then do not perform closing operations that will timeout too.
    • Add to Job Option -> Auto: Conflict Resolution: Rename Losing file, do not delete it.
    • FTP: Return correct error on non-accept in Active FTP mode.
    • MTP: Removed \'Device\' level. Replaced Letter: inside Device with \'Storage\'.
    • Options: Increase Seconds to Reconnect to 6 digits positions (up tp 11-day timeout).

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